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By Adeshola and Giulio
2G Pressroom of Radio News for Migrants - Genova




Today, we wan discuss some topics wen dey very important.


Any of una know wetin humanitarian corridors dey about?

The humanitarian corridors na one of many different ways wen european states dey take guarantee legal and safe transfer for migrants.

Na safe transfer and program for italy wen them take dey bring migrants together, especially those ones wen nor too get help; for example, single women wen get children, the ones wen be victims of human trafficking and people wen e be say na humanitarian organization report them.

The humanitarian corridors dey talk through different groups, wen go send volunteers and experts go the place where dem go take list of people wen go benefit, either through direct contacts wen dem get with the countries wen dey interested for the project or through reports wen dem dey get from local authorities, volunteers, associations and churches.

Them go confirm the reports from managers of the groups wen propose then dem go send am to the ministry of interior, make dem still check am well. After that one, dem go come send the list of those wen go benefit to the italian consular authorities for the countries wen dey involved, wey give valid humanitarian visas territorial limited pursuant to the european community regulation.

Finally, once them reach italy, the people wen dey promote d project go welcome d refugees, den dem go host them put for different areas for the country where them go get the opportunity to join other people through d learning programs of the italian language school and culture.

The project nor dey give the state problem at all.

Make we talk about schengen agreements… And mmmhhhh, you know wetin be Frontex ?

As una know before, na the schegen agreement make dem scatter the borders wen dey the european union. But some european countries dey more exposed to how illegal migrants dey enter d country. Infact, from the result wen we don see recently from the european union, the eu states wen get border with the mediterranean sea, na dem irregular migrants dey enter pass. The way wen people dey always try to enter europe through countries wen get border with mediterranean, na make dem put border control, through the frontex european border and coast guard agency wen dem create for 2005.

The agency purpose na to help the eu countries wen join with the schegen zone to manage their external border.

The agency dey give technical help like aeroplane, helicopter or gallant people wen dem train well, to make sure the border authorities of different countries work together.

The frotex get many things wen dem dey do but we go mention only the very important;

Dem dey analyse all d risk, base on information wen dem get from the states, so that dem fit know the security risk, do wetin dem call joint operation or send gallant people wen go fit train the border guards to welcome migrants and give them the help wen dem need.

So e dey clear now say to travel illegally get many risk. So e better make you think about am well well, before you decide to travel without papers and visas.

Once them catch you and dem report you, e go dey hard to get visa to travel again for future

If you do one thing well, e go dey well for all your life.

Now, abeg, make you nor change this channel o, because…

Finally, interesting news dey for una wen dey like sports well well…

The first day of the kick-off day project don start for rome. Na this way dem take dey help migrants join the society, through the most popular sport for the world, wen be football.

The project start as the r.i.a management, wen be sport association wen dey look for talent come join with c.i.e.s wen be information and development education center, wen dey promote professionals, especially for young foreigners.

This project na football test wen 30 young people dey do. This 30 young people go be foreigners wen dey between 17 and 23 years, dey live for family house or shelter or them dey stay for italy base on part time work wen dem dey do. Dem go join for this test, as the r.i.a people go dey watch them.

Most of this young boys dey come from gambia, senegal, mali, morocco and egypt. Two of the boys even wear the team uniform of the country wen dem come from.

This football test go hold for the roman football school field wen be cinecitta-bettini and the best player o come back by september for the final test, during the football season wen dey from september to may. The r.i.a officers wen dey watch the talents go screen about 120 players for 4 appointment.

The kick-off day na project wen we hope say other organizations for the country go see and them go also dey do am as way to help the talent of those young foreigners and give them opportunity to do well with the love wen dem get for football.

Until next time…

Thanks to our team in Benin City: Director and translator Joy Olabisi Akpaida – HOC Daar Benin, voice over Joy Olabisi Akpaida.