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By Adeshola and Giulio
2G Pressroom of Radio News for Migrants - Genova




Today Episode, we bring una tori of one…


fisherman wen come from lampedusa wey don save 24 migrants, Vincenzo partinico na d name of the fisherman from lampedusa wen been dey fish for river that night, on saturday, June 12, wen him come rescue 24 migrants on top cart for high sea. The man be use e boat take go river for him everyday fishing waka, when e reach around 39 miles from the coast,  something like stone come nack him boat inside river, as e look, e see say na 8 people.

The fisherman come tell adnkronos wetin e see on top river; how water come enter the small boat wen carry the migrants travel, before you know, some of them come fall inside river. But dem fit save all the 24 of them because of the life jackets wen Vincenzo Partinico and the boy wey dey follow am work carry help them. Wetin the fisherman do so na good thing as e pity for them. E nor leave anybody for the river; na the law of river be dat. But now the man go pay fine because e nor get permission to waka far from him fishing area. The man talk say dem fit give big fine o, but if him get another opportunity to help anybody on top sea, him go do the same thing plenty times again.

The death of boko haram oga don confirm ISWAP wen be Islamic State West African Province na branch of ISIS for West Africa. Them don confirm the death of Abubakar Shekau, wen be the oga of boko haram, for Nigeria. Abu Musab Al-barnawi wen be the leader of ISWAP na him talk this tori give him men, for one Nigeria criminal journalist site wen dem dey call humangle. On wednesday night wen be May 19, some group of ISWAP fighters come enter where the boko haram people dey hide for inside Sambisa forest for Borono State wen get border between Nigeria and Cameroon. Small thin dem for catch the boko haram oga alive as the ISWAP and boko haram people come to shoot  each other but the oga come use bomb blast himself, na so e take die. The following day, the tori come full everywhere say boko haram oga don die but them neva fit confirm am by that time.

For Italy, more than 600,000,000 migrants don work for agricultural place irregularly. Even as e be say, the ministerial decrees don give opportunity for every body to work and enjoy all the good things as worker. As Non-eu citizens wetin be the things wen you need to get to fit allow you apply for temporary permit; A. You must get residence wen expire for 2020 and e dey the national territory by march 8, 2020. B. You don work before for the place wen dem mention, before october 31, 2019, base on paper wey INPS don confirm.* Those wen nor go get this regular access na; A. Oga and worker wen don go prison before because of crime like to help other people do crime or illegal migration. B. Foreign workers wen dem don sack because of serious issue or say e don go prison.* And which kind paper you fit present sef? Foreign citizens wen get the things wen dem don first mention before, go fit apply for permit for the police headquarters, through the Sportello Amico post offices.* To prove say you don first get employment, you must show one of dis papers; A. Certificate wen the employment center give you. B. Work contract, wey be paper wen them take pay you. C. Social security account statement. D. Photocopy of bank cheque wen concern salary or other papers  wen concern payment for the employment.

And how you fit get every day work as house help. First of all, the person wen employ you, like the whole family go get work wen relate to the worker or citizenship or age. So e go need to show all important paper, to make sure say the house help get good record. But sha, for you to employ Non-Eu house help, you go make sure say e get good record, e must get correct residence permit wen e take dey work. The situation different wen you wan employ foreign house help from Non-Eu country wen never dey stay for Italy. You must wait for the flows decree.

Thanks to our team in Benin City: Director and translator Joy Olabisi Akpaida – HOC Daar Benin, voice over Joy Olabisi Akpaida.