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By Adeshola and Giulio
2G Pressroom of Radio News for Migrants - Genova




Today we wan tell una about one better app for ontop internet wey dem dey call Migrants.

Migrants na the education platform wey one Ivory Coast man Chris Richmond Nzi open for Bologna inside 2017, even the United States they use am; the app no be only for migrants wey dey inside and outside of reception centers, but even asylum seekers and refugees dey use am.

How dis app take dey work be say dem go set different topics to cover different exam section, the first one go show the different training skills wey the migrant get for bodi, then another section for the exam go show the kin strength wey the migrant get.

Dis platform so, no be only to chuck eye take sabi the skills wey foreigners get but also to train and help them find job: even sef the person wey dey use dis app fit start free online training for the area of work and skills wey him choose inside the different section. Many companies dey use this opportunity take hire who get the kin skills wey dem like; And as the matter come be, the app don turn meeting point for who dey find job and who dey employ who dey find job.

Till today, dis migrant platform don get more than 100,000 registered users o, them don carry them touch light find more than 15,000 talents and even up to 2,000 users don get job, we go say big thank you  to all of them.

Dis Migrants app still get the one wey dem dey call cash me, dis na credit access service, wey dey give  registered migrants opportunity to earn money: each month the user fit set him own economic goal wey him to link to one training goal or the other (e fit start with € 50 go reach 500 €), after the user don fit pass the training goals wey the competitors set, come meet the terms and conditions, the user go receive the amount of money wey dey inside him current account .

The Migrants app dey free and e dey for Italian, English and French language.

To find out more tori about dis platform, the servic wey dem dey offer and register, abeg go dem website for

My people, how many of una know say ‘User manual dey for integration’?


Oya make una listen to this ogbonge informate wey go shock you!

Just recently inside dis Migrant app dem update the section with new questions and answers wey foreign citizens always like to ask.

Make una come see the document wey the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies dey print every year for the past 10 years and na real user friendly manual wey dem programme inside the app to answers more than 250 questions plus provide useful informate to foreign citizens wey just arrive Italy and the ones wey dey reason to come Italy.

The reason dem do this manual na to help the foreigner fit into the community proper and to help solve the many problems wey him fit get daily, for work relationship matter go reach pikin school, even how to enroll for National Health Service and to open bank account. All this informate dey inside the manual.


Na the technical support of the Office for Italy of the International Labor Organization (ILO) create this new manual as part of dem project wey dem call “Support for strengthening inter-institutional governance on labor exploitation”, you fit download and send text directly from the website inside the section Immigration, how, where and when.

Una sabi say, from July ending, 200 volunteers from the Community of Sant’Egidio from different countries go travel enter Greek island of Lesbos and the capital Athens for “alternative vacation”?


Dis many activity go last throughout the month of August and volunteers go support the more than 15,000 refugees wey go dey ground: as dem go share food, dem go arrange recreational and educational activities for children and small pikin dem, applicants wey wan learn language course go still get opportunity take learn. Even asylum and trips go dey for people wey dey live inside refugee camps.


The arrival of volunteers dem go give support and hope to refugees wey been don run enter Greece and dey wait to start new life for Europe. Last year because of many volunteers wey need food to chop, people come open 2 “solidarity restaurants” inside Lesbos.

Article 13 of the Universal Declaration for Human Rights talk say:

“Everybody get the right to freedom of movement and residence inside the borders of every nation.

Everybody get the right to leave and return back to their own country. “


Freedom of movement na the very important condition for the free development of human being. Many organizations for Europe, including sports organizations, dey help refugees regain this right as dem dey offer them the same activities wey dem dey offer to their citizens.

First of all, difference dey between the types of refugees and the 1951 Geneva Convention wey the international legislative instrument, dis na people wey dey seperate the difference between refugees, stateless persons, asylum seekers, displaced persons and returnees. Dem dey show the different type of protection and assistance wey the signatory nations must follow. We must know say for any refugee to enter and fit wella inside any society, him must sabi say na two way waka be that, dis na between the refugee and the host community. 

My people, make we quickly talk sport mata, sports get many better tins wey him dey do for we everyday life, apart from say e dey make our bodi healthy, e still dey bring people together and this na one way wey refugees take dey play, become family and happy together.


The law of 20 Jan 2016, no 12 allows foreign pikin from age 10 wey dey stay for Italian territory, to register with national sports clubs, become member and maintain this membership even after dem complete the procedure to get Italian citizenship.

Thanks to our team in Benin City: Director and translator Joy Olabisi Akpaida – HOC Daar Benin, voice over Joy Olabisi Akpaida.