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By Adeshola and Giulio
2G Pressroom of Radio News for Migrants - Genova




Who go fit register for the National Health Service ?


Those wen be eu foreign citizens and those wen nor be eu foreign citizens, wen register with the national health service, fit get good assistance.


Foreign citizens wen get residence permit and dem dey go work every time.


Foreign citizens wen dey stay legally or those wen don request  say make dem renew their residence permit, for subordinate work, for self-employment, for family reasons, for asylum request, for pending adoption, for foster care, for acquisition of citizenship or for religious reasons.


If you wan register for the national health service, you must go the asl of the territory wen you dey stay and u must get these things; personal identity document, fiscal code, residency permit, self certification of residence.

Once you don register, then you fit request and choose the family doctor or the children doctor wen you want. 

The Italian Government dey offer possibility for those wen nor be eu citizens, to get seasonal employment relationship with another person or company, wen dey italy legally.


The employer must use forms wen dem do with flows decree, take submit request for work permission, for the single desk for immigration.

Seasonal  activities fit dey two sector; either na  agricultural sector or na tourism sector.

The employment relationship must last for atleast 20 days and at most 9 months.


Once you don get good opinion from the provincial labor directorate and the police headquarters, the sportello unico go come issue permission give the employer.

On june 2nd 2021 wen be the Italian Republic day, foreign minister for italy go come go niger. Wen e visit niamey, wen be the capital of niger, him and the foreign minister of niger, wen be hassoumi massoudou, come sign cooperation agreement to reduce migration flow.

Italy dey join hand with niger, to reduce migration flow and to fight against terrorists.

The foreign minister for italy, go also meet with niger president  wen be mohamed bazoum, meet the premier, wen be ouhomoudou mahamadou. Then e go come visit the unhcr headquarters, where e for hold meeting with the nigerien directors of the united nations agency, to present emergency plan wen them wan take comot refugees from Libya.


The visit to niger, na the second mission wen italy foreign minister, Di Maio don go enter for sub saharan Africa, after the one wen e go for mali last april. This mission na part of plan wen africa get for italy, as e go show for the special attention wen the italian g20 presidency go dedicate to african continent.

Italian citizenship go guarantee civil and political rights by the italian state.

Pikin wen dem born for italy by foreign mama and papa go get italian citizenship wen e reach 18 years and if e don stay italy since them born and e nor travel comot.

Na the only way wen foreigner go fit automatically get italian citizenship be this.

Two other ways dey, wen foreigner go fit apply for citizenship:


By marriage: art 5 of law 91/92 talk say foreign citizen wen marry italian citizen, fit get italian citizenship, after them don marry, if dem don stay the country for atleast two years for the italian territory or after three years if e be say the partner dey stay abroad even wen them still dey married.


Another one be say, if the husband and wife don born or dem adopt pikin, the terms go reduce to half.

And if you wan apply by residence: foreing citizen fit apply for citizenship, if e don stay italy for atleast ten years and if e fit prove say e get enough money to takecare of himself; if e nor get any record say e don commit crime and e nor get anything against the security of the republic.


If you want informate on any of the forms wen you go need take apply, the documents wen you go submit and the requirments, visit the website for the ministry of interior for

Thanks to our team in Benin City: Director and translator Joy Olabisi Akpaida – HOC Daar Benin, voice over Joy Olabisi Akpaida.