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By Adeshola and Giulio
2G Pressroom of Radio News for Migrants - Genova




Them born the school for italian language and culture of the communuty of sant egidio for rome for 1983 and them open e first headquarters for genoese in genoa for 1986. other many places dey for sampierderena, a bolzaneto, another one dey pegli. on june 26th, dem come open new headquarters for s. giorgio 1 for genoa.

Them open the new office with help from rotary group and olenty other people when support them with money to take maintain the news headquarters and arrange the new classrooms with better materials.

For 35 years now, the school don train more than 16,000 students from 110 countries. sometimes, all of them go dey inside one classroom. the classroom nor be just where them dey lesrn italian language and culture. na also place where the teachers and the students dey fit learn from one another and teach each other, as e be say na people with different culture dey there. before you know, the classroom come turn to one house with family members, as different problems start to come up and all of them go gather solve the problems.

The sant’ Egidio school dey offer free courses and everybody wen migrate enter italy fit study these courses. if you wan register for the courses, you go submit 2 passport photographs and any document wen them fit take know you. the text book wen dem dey call italiano per am il, na 10 euros dem dey sell am and them share am into 4 parts based on levels; from the small levels wen just dey start, to the high levels wen dey do am before. For now, the courses don end but them go soon start again from september. If you wan know more about this tori, call us for this number; 0102468712 or you fit still send us message for email at

How people wen migrate enter italy fit get public house to stay?

Public house or social house, as them call am na house wen people get and them fit give the house out to people for rent. to get access to this public house, you go need to join the competition wen dem dey announce the list for people wen go get public house. for you to join the list of people wen go get the house, you must first submit application form before the date wen e dey expire. these application forms dey available from the date wen them announce the competition for the home office, wen be the citizen’s counters, directly from the website of the municipality of genoa or the arte, wen be the regional territorial company of construction for the province of genoa.

foreign citizens go fit still apply if;

* them don reach 18 years

* them get long term residence permit and refugee status

* them dey legally stay for italy and them get residence permit wen be atleast 2 years. them go also get better work or something when dem dey do.

the person wen dey apply and all e family members must;

* get isee, wen be indicator of equivalent economic situation for the time wen the insolvency procedure don set.

* nor get full ownership accommodation wen fit the family unit for the provincial area

* nor first get former assignment for public house wen come lead to claiming or buying.

you must fill your application form well and submit am before the end of the notice. to submit am, you go use one of these ways;

* through registered letter, witg return receipt wen dem address to the housing policy department – e.r.p. – c/o general archive – protocol office

* through correct email box (PEC) to this legal email:

* directly to the general archive, according to the time wen the office take open.

after them don check all the applications, them o come bring out list based on the score wen people get. from the 31 day after them publish this list, the housing office o come give out accommodations wen dey available.

once them don show the proposal to the person wen want the house, the person o go check the house. if e dey ok with the house, e o come sign form say e accept am then e go also sign the rent agreement with the people wen dey incharge (arte genoa). if the person nor wan accept the proposal, e fit give better reasons why, then the people wen dey incharge go collect am back.

the town law number 10 of 29 june 2004 talk say the people wen dey the area must pay for the erp housing wen dem give them.

if you wan know more about this matter, visit their website for then go “aree tematiche” section, then click on “casa”

Thanks to our team in Benin City: Director and translator Joy Olabisi Akpaida – HOC Daar Benin, voice over Nosaremeh Usoh.